About the lab in general

Alpakotela Lab
Animal Fiber Testing
Research laboratory opened in 2022 in central Poland to test and analyze the parameters of alpaca fiber or sheep wool. Research contributes to improving the quality of animals and is an essential element in domestic and foreign breeding programs. Using the latest technology, Alpakotel Lab provides fast and precise fiber analysis using OFDA2000 devices. By ordering a fiber test in our laboratory, you get reliable results obtained with the use of high-quality equipment and qualified personnel. The breeder, by logging into his profile, has access to all tests performed by us. If necessary, our employees provide advisory and zootechnical services.

Alpakotela Lab daughter of Alpakotela!

We are a company with 17 years of experience in breeding alpacas.
We provide professional alpaca shearing services in Europe!

2020 year
The birth of the idea to open a laboratory.
2021 year
Creation of a project to open a laboratory called Alpakotela Lab.
2022 year
Signing a contract for co-financing the project.
Purchase of OFDA 2000 fiber analyzer completed with training in Australia.
2023 year
The official opening of the Alpakotel Lab

Our portal is located at www.alpakotelalab.com.
It is available in three language versions - Polish, English and German.

We have prepared a 7-minute instructional video for you, which will show you how to navigate our website in a simple way.
You can turn on English or German subtitles in the movie settings.

Dawid Goral
Founder Alpakotela Lab

Katarzyna Berkowska
Manager Alpakotela Lab