Fiber analysis order
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1. Account registration:

The first step to order a fiber analysis is to go through the mandatory registration and set up your account on our website.

2. Supplementing personal data / invoice:

Immediately after registration, the next important step is to complete the necessary personal data. Go to "my profile" in the upper right corner, then "edit data" and complete the missing information. There is also an option to complete the data necessary to issue an invoice for customers who need it. ATTENTION - please inform us (facebook, e-mail, sms , phone) about the need to issue an invoice.

3. Top up your account:

Topping up the account allows you to buy any number of samples and sample packages. This is a necessary step for the later stage of placing an order. Without the purchased top-up, it is impossible to add a sample to the order. A single sample - is one fiber sample from one part of the body of one alpaca Sample package - is four samples of fiber from four parts of the body of one alpaca. In the selected field, enter the number of samples or packages you want to purchase and select the appropriate currency (Euro or PLN). The panel displays information about the selected currency, amounts for selected samples / packages and the amount summarizing the planned purchase. Below is a place for a discount code. Currently, we have three payment methods available - blik, by card and Google Pay. After purchase, on the right side, the system displays information about the number of available samples or packages purchased.
ATTENTION - purchased top-ups WILL NOT FORGET.
You can use them at any time.

4. New order:

To start placing an order, click on "My orders" in the bookmarks bar, and then on the right "new order". The order number is imposed by the system and cannot be changed. A new order should be treated like creating a folder for a batch of samples, as an unlimited number of samples can be added to each such order.
After confirming the order, the system displays the date of adding the order, its number, description entered by you and the number of samples it contains (or will contain).

5. Samples introduction:

In order to be able to enter the target samples into the system, in the order you have previously placed (see point 4), click on the right side on "SAMPLES", and then on the left side on "CREATE SAMPLE". The next step is to complete the identification data of the animal from which the fiber sample was taken.

The following list should help you identify the color of the alpaca coat.

After approval of the sample, the system shows the date of sample addition, ID, type, chip, species, date of birth, gender, date of shearing, result (it will appear there after examining the fiber and uploading the file with the result by the operator) and QR for downloading, printing and placing in the sample bag. The order number to which the sample is assigned is also displayed at the top. The number that will appear on your sample's fiber analysis result will consist of your order number and sample ID.

NOTE - the full sample number consists of the ORDER NUMBER and the SAMPLE ID, e.g. 34A2C1EA-44C3

6. Sending samples to the laboratory:

A packed order with prepared samples and matching QR codes should be sent to the laboratory address.
If you have any questions, please contact us!

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Animal Fiber Testing
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