Sample preparation for analysis
Proper preparation of the sample for the test consists in collecting a fragment of the fiber, registering the sample, providing the necessary data to identify the individual and sending the sample to our laboratory.

We recommend four basic parts of the body to collect wool samples: middle, rump, withers and neck. The most reliable of these is a sample taken from the middle of the left side of the animal - just behind the third rib, halfway between the line of the back and the line of the belly.

The sample taken should be approximately the width of two fingers of an adult human hand.

The sample should be cut as close to the skin as possible. You can use sharp scissors or a clipper for this.
The sample should have a straight cut.

The taken piece of alpaca fiber should be cleaned as far as possible.
The sample prepared in this way should be packed in an envelope (recommended) or a string bag with the appropriate printed and glued QR code corresponding to the sample. QR codes are generated automatically when registering a sample in the ordering system.

After submitting and paying for the test order, the samples should be sent to the address of our laboratory. Fiber samples will be archived in the laboratory for a period of 2 years from the date of analysis. The results of the analysis, after being uploaded by the operator, will be available in your order panel, next to the appropriate sample.

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